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Sunday, July 02, 2006

uyyyy....... hmm... I will open my blogger soon.. when it is.... umm....sembreak or when we have Christmas. Ate Len was right, I am busy for all skul works so... BYE!

hakuna matata @ 12:56 AM

Friday, June 30, 2006

UUYYY! hehe!

You know, I'm thanking all of you guys for visiting my site ;)

And just wanna say that if ever that i will be quitting blogging, please, continue on viviting on my site! hehehe ;) Tnx for all those layouts ate LEN! and createblog. Tnx! Muah!!!!

hakuna matata @ 12:54 AM

Friday, June 23, 2006

Long time no blog noh? I've been busy doing school works. But know, it's allabout wat'z up?! okay so i made new friends(met pala)..... and one of them is joy. hehe! bye all!

hakuna matata @ 12:31 AM

Saturday, June 17, 2006

hey! i just wan to spent my time here before our class starts on Tueday!hehe i got some icons here from bigoo. so you don't need to steal the icons from here anymore! hehe ;)

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end of rules.

if you don't follow the rules, i may not know it but honesty is the best policy. hehe! just let me know if you can't find the section and i'll tell you where okay?! how? just tag or comment. okay?! tnx!

hakuna matata @ 11:32 PM

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is the last time that i'm gonna blog. June 20, 2006 Tuesday, It's time 4 school. So i'm going to study first before i surf the internet. Anyways, i watched The Simple Life Interns on starworld. It's nice. Paris and Nicole are so naughty. hehe they are always naughty....;) I know my section in school... NEON is my section! grr...... but okay lang iun kasi wala naman pag kakaiba dun dba? I'm sweating here! (iw) hehe ;) kasi sira ang electricfan dito eh. but meron naman aircon.... hehe :D hussle talaga ang PLDT myDSL .... it's okay kasi i get to see my site through preview only. soooooo.... i'm so tired yesterday.... pero i'm the one who is dancing...! hehe so i can lose weight!!!! well i lose weight!hehe :D i'm sleepy every time am tired!

~Nagandahan ako sa ngayon kong LAYOUT!
~ Init dito.
~ KA chat ko ang pinsan ko na si Ciara.......... mabait naman siya eh!
~ Ang ganda nis Paris at Nicole sa picture na iyan!!!!


hakuna matata @ 10:24 PM

hey! i have a new layout. hindi ko makita pero i think it's nice ;D

Thank u ate Len for the (nice) layout. Tnx tnx! and hope u people like it too as much as i like it. hehe! anyways, i'm not blogging here 4 a while. june 20 kasi pasukan at bawal ako mag computer ata eh! i have to study too. so hope u just visit one of my links and maybe sooner or later or a week, I"LL blog. ;D hehe. tnx to all!!!! and if i finished my assignment early, maybe i'll blogggggg! whole day kasi kami eh so i would't able to blog maybe 4 a week! hehe


hakuna matata @ 1:35 AM

Monday, June 12, 2006

Yesterday was Independence Day. we went to mercury drug to by some food and stuff. while my mom is falling in line in the cashier, the bodyguard gave me 2 flags! and i use to play w/ it but now, i don't. so that. sorry but i don't like blogging. hehe ;) nagpagupit ako ng buhok last sunday and i think it's nice. anyways, my mom promised me that if i recieve a gold certificate, she will gave me a nokia 3250 and i promise her that i will (hindi naman) so that.

hakuna matata @ 10:31 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006

sorry for not blogging yesterday ;) hehe i'm excited to watch high school musical. yah that's all!

hakuna matata @ 12:00 AM

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